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Our New Renault Master Bus

With 12 seats, and approxiomately 3.5 cubic meters of internal storage there's no need for a trailer in most cases. The Master Bus's easy drivability and low operating costs make the Master Bus the stand out choice in the small bus market. Test drive yours today!

Key Features

  • The Master Bus' twelve seats are arranged in a 3/2/3/4 configuration that maximises cabin space and accessibility.
  • Stable and predictable handling are backed up by Electronic Stability Control, powerful anti-lock brakes (ABS), reverse camera and parking sensors.
  • All passenger seats come with integrated head rests and 3-point seat belts. Aisle seats are equipped with adjustable arm rests.
  • ESC helps keep you in control on rough or slippery surfaces by sensing loss of traction and selectively applying the brakes.
  • With approximately 3.5 cubic meters of internal storage and nearly 1.3 tonnes of payload there's no need for a trailer in most cases.
  • The turbo diesel engine delivers 110kW peak power and 350Nm of torque from 1500rpm's. It is also features an extremely efficient innovative engine.

Master Bus Accessories

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Master Bus Accessories 2
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